Letter from Windsor Castle to Cornelius Kollock on the arrival of American troops in Europe, April 1918

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Housed at the South Caroliniana Library, the Cornelius Kollock papers describe the experience of Cornelius Kollock, a young soldier preparing for and fighting in World War I.  In this letter dated April of 1918, on behalf of Windsor Castle in London England, the government of Great Britain welcomed the arrival of United States troops.  The letter is signed “George R.I.,” who is King George V of Great Britain.


Cornelius Kollock Papers, Letter from Windsor Castle, April 1918.  Cornelius Kollock Papers, folder 12.  South Caroliniana Library, Columbia, South Carolina.



Soldiers of the United States, the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand beside the Armies of many Nations now fighting in the Old World the great battle for human freedom.

The Allies will gain new heart & spirit in your company.  I wish that I could shake the hand of each one of you & bid you God speed on your mission.

                                                                                                George R. I.

April 1918


Correlating SC Social Studies Academic Standards:

Standard 5-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of major domestic and foreign developments that contributed to the United States’ becoming a world power.

Indicator 5-3.6 Summarize actions by the United States that contributed to the rise of this nation as a world power, including the annexation of new territory following the Spanish-American War and the role played by the United States in the building of the Panama Canal and in World War I.

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