Brochure to raise money for the South Carolina State War Fund for World War II

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This document is a South Carolina War Fund Brochure from World War II. It describes the need for residents to give towards the overall $750,000.00 goal that the state has been designated to raise in support of different military programs both in America and in Europe. The document's first two pages are scattered with various pictures of the war effort ranging from 'USO' Camp shows and Merchant Seamen to pictures of our starving and unclothed allies.

Found in Darlington, the brochure gives a detailed account of where war funds are going and also tries to incorporate the reader into part of the war effort with enticing and almost self-condeming wording.


They’re still giving, Are you?, South Carolina State War Fund Brochure. Darlington County Historical Commission, Darlington, South Carolina.

Correlating SC Social Studies Academic Standards: 

Standard 8-7-1: Summarize the significant aspects of the economic growth experienced by South Carolina during and following World War II, including the contributions of Governor Strom Thurmond in promoting economic growth; the creation of the State Development Board and the technical education system; the benefits of good road systems, a sea port, and the Savannah River site; and the scarcity of labor unions.


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A Costly Prosperity


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