Letter from Samuel Want to Principals of Darlington Schools to raise money for the war effort, 25 October 1945

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This letter was written by Mr. Samuel Want, the area Chairman from Darlington, SC to Principals of Darlington County schools on October 25, 1945, is a request for help from the schools in the county to help raise support for the war effort; a total of $17, 325. Mr. Want asked the principals of each school to interview every possible contributor and to include students and teachers alike.


Want, Samuel, to The Principals and Teachers of Darlington County, 25 October 1945. Darlington County Historical Commission, Darlington, South Carolina.


1945 National War Fund Campaign

R. W. Shand, County Chairman                                            Samuel Want, Area Chairman

J.P. Brunson, Treasurer

Darlington, S.C.

October 25th, 1945


            Throughout the war the schools of Darlington County have been outstanding in their contribution to every patriotic task. This final campaign of the National War Fund the schools are confidently counted upon to maintain their splendid record.

            Darlington County is expected to provide $17, 325.00 or a national fund of $115,000,000.00. To raise this large sum every possible contributor must be interviewed. The teachers and pupils themselves are an important factor in the situation, both for the contributions they can make and for the assistance they can give in dealing with the rural population.

            May I not count upon each of you to organize your class and complete this campaign next week?

                                                                                    Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                                SAMUEL WANT,

                                                                                                            Area Chairman.

Correlating SC Social Studies Academic Standards: 

Standard 8-7: The student will demonstrate an understanding of South Carolina’s economic revitalization during World War II and the latter twentieth century.

Indicator 8-7.1 Summarize the significant aspects of the economic growth experienced by South Carolina during and following World War II, including the contributions of Governor Strom Thurmond in promoting economic growth; the creation of the State Development Board and the technical education system; the benefits of good road systems, a sea port, and the Savannah River site; and the scarcity of labor unions.

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