Key - Which Came First

Key for Which Came First?

1. Order: Hunter, Coate, Mills, and Stoeber.
2. Clues:
* The Hunter map's first quadrant (upper left) dates the map-May 21, 1730.
* The Coate, Mills, and Stoeber maps all depict Lexington District. Which came first? The problem is that of these three maps, only the Mills map is dated-"Improved For Mills' Atlas, 1825." Interestingly, the Mills map has two dates. For his Atlas, Mills improved a map formerly "Surveyed by M. Coate, 1820." But, who is M.Coate?
* Turning our attention from Mills we notice that the Coate map was "Surveyed by Marmaduke Coate." Could it be that M.Coate and Marmaduke Coate are the same person? I think so!
* The chronological order thus far is Hunter (1730), Coate (1820), and Mills (1825). But what about Stoeber? There are four logical possibilities for ordering the Stoeber map:
1. Before Hunter (before 1730)
2. After Hunter but before Coate (between 1730 and 1820)
3. Between Coate and Mills (between 1820 and 1825)
4. After Mills (after 1825).
* We can infer that Stoeber prepared his map after Mills by noticing a more complex road system on the Stoeber map. Further, in the second quadrant of the Stoeber map, we learn that the map was "Compiled from Railroad, Coast & State Surveys. Railroad development in South Carolina did not occur extensively until after Mills. Interesting to note, Mills was an advocate for railroads, and devised a plan for a state railroad system that can be seen in his supplement to the Mills Atlas-- Mills Statistics.