Make the Match Key

1. Sentence one links to "JC, June 7, 1733" of the South Carolina Council Chamber.
2. Sentence two presumably matches with the Haig Cherokee Country map. I say presumably because I could not find the Haig Cherokee Country map at South Carolina's state archives. Sometimes there are gaps in the historical record because we do not know where to look for missing information!
3. Professor Meriwether's Map 3 on page 52 footnotes sentence three. In writing sentence three, Professor Meriwether also cites Colonial plat records: IV, 166, 382, 469; VI, 325, XII, 135, 145. Big note: these plats greatly help us understand language in Ordering Township.
4. The phrase within sentence three-"The town, eventually known as Saxe Gotha"-matches with "JCHA, Dec. 4, 1736."



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