Views of the Yard Area

Much of the work associated with living in a rural household of the mid-1800s took place in the backyard of the main house. Called "the yard", this area was enclosed by a picket fence that kept out pigs and other farm animals. A typical yard of this time held many buildings associated with domestic activities. In 1860, John Fox owned a total of 53 slaves and about 15 of them were house servants. House servants lived closer to the Fox family in quarters near the Fox House and yard. John Fox's own family included up to 15 persons. With such a large number of people living in or near the house, the yard was a very busy place. The majority of Fox's slaves worked in the fields, which were located about 3 miles from the John Fox House. Slave quarters were probably located close to the fields on Fox's plantation, which was known as "The Point". Fox's personal papers contain a building list. See if you can find references to the John Fox house and the buildings that would have been slave quarters. (Vlach 1993, 33-37)

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