Key - Cherokee Path to Charleston

Key for Cherokee Path to Charleston

1. On March 11, 1730, George Hunter began his journey along the Cherokee path from Charleston. Hunter arrived at Saxe Gotha on March 18, 1730. It took Hunter eight days to travel from Charleston to Saxe Gotha. According to Hunter's measurements, Saxe Gotha was 144 miles from Charleston. Interesting to note: according to 21st century measures Charleston is about 120 miles from Columbia. Marking distance with his watch, George Hunter was off by only 20 miles! Also interesting to consider-a trip that took George Hunter eight days to make by foot would take us only a couple of hours to complete by car.
2. From Finding Saxe Gotha we learn that Saxe Gotha boundaries included Sandy Run and 12 Mile Creek. Saxe Gotha's approximate boundaries can be seen here. Notice how the township is located directly on the Cherokee path to Charleston. Recall that townships were established for two general purposes: 1) to promote white protestant settlement for protecting Charleston rice planters against the growing African slave population, and 2) to protect Charleston from Indian, French, and Spanish attacks. Click here to see map key.