The Santee Southside Sojourn

1. Review Governor Johnson's Township Scheem.

A. Click here to read Ordering Township (South Carolina Council Chamber Journal entry, June 7, 1733). Note the description of the first township. Using the Edgar Township map, locate the "mouth of the Wateree," and "downwards along Santee River." Note the description of the second township. Locate "the Congerees" and "so extending downwards on the South Side of Santee River and coming downwards towards Mill Creek on the Same." Ordering Township describes two townships. Of the two townships described, which, if either, is Saxe Gotha? Answer Key (Word Document).

B. Click here to see the Haig, Fairchild, and Hamelton colonial plat records. What do these records tell about Saxe Gotha? How do they help interpret Ordering Township? Answer Key.

C. Click here to see Mill's Atlas for Lexington county. Use Ordering Township, colonial plat records, and Professor Meriwether's secondary text to locate Saxe Gotha's approximate boundaries on Mill's Lexington District map. List and locate all Saxe-Gotha related rivers and streams mentioned by Meriwether and Ordering Township. Answer Key (Word Document).

D. Did Professor Meriwether cite the correct primary source to locate Saxe Gotha? How do you know? Discuss any confusion you had in interpreting Ordering Township. Answer Key.

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