Dutch Fork: Soups

Scott also recalled that "As for soups and fried cakes, the Germans had more and better varieties than any other nationalities in our country. Two such soups that survive today are an onion soup made with leeks, chicken-stock, cream, green onions, and flour, and the Regensburg, South German Riebeln Soupen (or "Ribble soup,"as it is called in the Fork), made from little shredded pieces of noodle (called locally rivels), beef-broth, and other varied ingredients, which can even include cooked young corn. The best of the fried-pies are made of stewed dried apples and placed in a circle of pastry, then folded in halves and pinched together at the edges, and fried quickly in deep fat until crisp. Eaten with nutmegged warm milk or cream, Mayer reports, they are the best of old-time traditional foods. And this he described as an "old-time tradition" in 1886! (Kibler, 1988)

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