View of hearth hung with pots

Fireplace: Most of the food was cooked in pots over hot coals raked out of the back of the fireplace onto the hearth or front of the fireplace. This fireplace contains pots hanging from hooks or adjustable arms called "cranes." Most of the time, the fires were kept small for cooking, and hot coals alone were sometimes sufficient. Loaves of bread, cakes, and pies were prepared in the kitchen, but baked outside in the brick oven, using long handled wooden peels or flat shovels to arrange the food for baking. Fried food was popular. Not only was the taste of fried foods appealing, but also frying was a quick method to get one away from the hot fire faster than broiling or baking. Biscuits, cornbreads and deep-dish pies were cooked on the hearth. Very little food was eaten raw, with cole slaw of cabbage and melons being the exception. Even fruits were usually poached or boiled or made into fried pies.

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