Brick oven with kettle nearby.

Brick Oven: This outside oven was used about once a week to bake a supply of cakes, bread, and pies for the household. A fire of dry wood was built inside the oven early in the morning. It burned for about 3 hours while the cooks prepared the foods for baking. After 3 hours the brick oven walls were hot, the ashes of the fire were raked out, the pans of food were pushed inside with a long-handled wooden paddle called a peel, and the wooden door was shut. When done, the pans of food were removed using the peel. The shed protecting the oven also served as a woodshed to keep firewood dry. There were 10 fireplaces to provide wood for use in the John Fox House and the kitchen. It was the job of young boys to make sure the woodshed was stacked with good oak and hickory firewood.

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