Key - Change Over Time

Key for Change Over Time

Change Over Time Key
Comparing the Coate and Mills maps, there are some interesting differences, which include the following:
* From 1820 to 1825, "Fox's Private Entertainment" changed to "Sharp's Private Ent." To find Sharp's Private Entertainment locate the Lexington courthouse in on the Mills map. The courthouse is 12.5 miles from the Columbia ferry. Travel northeasterly on the road to "Columbia Ferry." Cross Twelve Mile Creek. Go past Andrew Tarrer's place. Stop at the Twelve Mile Creek Branch, where you will find Sharp's Private Entertainment. Compare to the Coate map, which locates Fox's Private Entertainment at the 6.5-mile marker.
* The Coate map includes mile markers on the road leading to and from the Lexington courthouse.
* Coate depicts the State House, but does not outline Columbia; Mills outlines Columbia, but does not draw the State House.
* In 1820, George Shephard owned a mill on Twelve Mile Creek, just north of where the branch forks from Twelve Mile Creek. By 1825, the mill was known as Leaphart's Mill.
There are other differences that can be identified. Many of these differences include spelling changes and such. The differences reported here are interesting because they reveal change over time.