Dutch Fork: Beverages

A footnote needs to be added at this point. The favorite beverage of the early Fork was neither tea nor coffee. Coffee was introduced around 1820. It was then "so pale in its feebleness, that it could not bear the admixture of milk." Scott corroborates Mayor's testimony: "For breakfast and supper, coffee or tea was rarely used." Instead, "clabber
in summer and milk in winter" supplied their place. Old Andrew Tarrar declared that "taking tea, coffee, and medicine was nothing but pride." He ate soup for breakfast and milk for supper "and never needed anything else." " Mayer himself recalls "the most transcendant enjoyment of which I have any recollection, was when, provided with a massive pewter spoon, I sat down, in my childhood, to a cool bowl of solid clabber with honey and Dutch Fork bread.
(Kibler, 1988)

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