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In this WebQuest, you and your students will take a virtual journey through Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site. During your travels you will be asked questions that will increase your knowledge and understanding of this area’s history. You do have three overarching questions that you need to keep in mind as you answer all the other questions:

1) Why did people settle in this village?
2) Who settled here?
3) What caused these people to leave?

As your students experience this WebQuest, have them use the journal at the bottom of the screen to jot down answers and any notes. Also, tell them to write down any questions that come up as they take this journey. Have them take good notes and be prepared to make their case in explaining their answers. Take the best answers with you to Colonial Dorchester when you take your field trip. Then you can present your own hypotheses to the staff at Colonial Dorchester. Help them unravel the mysteries of this important colonial village!

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