Whereas his Excellency, as also the Hon. William Bull, jun. Esq; Colonel of Horse, on the 7th of October last, did order that the clothing and regulating of the Troop Horse, should be the same as was formerly ordered: Therefore that no Gentleman belonging to the St. George's TROOP of HORSE, may plead their being unacquainted with the said Regulation, It is ordered, by the Officers of the said Troop that the same may be advertised.

viz. a blue cloth Coat, with slash Sleeves, double breasted, lined with red and gilt Buttons; a red cloth Jacket with gilt Buttons; a gold laced Hat with a black Cockade; a brown bag Wig; a black Ribbon round his Neck; leather Boots, and a par of Spurs; buckskin Gloves; a bay Horse 14 hands high at least; blue [Housing?] and holster caps; a good pair of Pistols; cross Belts; a broad Sword, and a good Carbine, with a Bucket and proper Straps; a Cirb bridle, breast Plate, Crouper and Tail case; and a blue Cloak. After this it's to be hoped, every Gentleman belonging to the said Troop; will regulate himself accordingly, that he may appear compleat on the 23d of April next, and not oblige the Officers to fine him.

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