A Native of Charles Town - When the Troubles broke out his place of Residence was at Charles Town and at Dorchester about 18 Miles distant.
Being asked if he was ever obliged to sign any Association or take any Oath to the Americans - He says he was under the Necessity of Signing the Association and he delivers in a paper containing an Account of his Conduct from the breaking out of the Troubles which he desired may be taken as part of his Examination Vizt.

"My Character and Conduct was well known to most if not all the Kings Civil Officers in So Carolina at and before the Commencement of the War. In 1775 and 1776 when matters became very serious in America and there was no Associating with the Generality of Gentlemen in Charles Town from their Violence in politics I retired into the Country.
That on the attack of Sir Peter Parker and Sir Henry Clinton in 1776 although required I refused to Join the Militia of the Parish in which I resided and held myself


prepared to Join his Majestys Forces had they Succeeded in the Attack. That in Consequence of my not joining the Militia they took possessn of and made Barracks of my House in Charles Town.
That very early in Jany 1777 I applied to the People in power for Permission to leave the Province they leaving resolved and issued orders that no person should withdraw themselves from the other State without permission which was Granted me for one year only that I Embarked in May 1777 for France no Vessel at that time being permitted to go to any British Port, leaving my Family in Charles Town & Immediately after my arrival came From thence to England.

In the beginning of 1778 I was given to understand by Wm Knox Esqr then Under Secty of State to the American Department that an Expedition was to be sent from New York to the Southward, That I in consequence Embarked on the Packet for New York in April 1778 Intendg to Join the Expedition from thence but was unfortunately taken and carried into New London


where I was confined but on making known to them my leave of Absence and Engagement to return to Carolina they permitted me to go there and having no Alternative but to go there or remain in Confinement and having left my Family in that Province I accepted their permission and Sailed in one of their Vessels for Carolina and upon my Arrival in Charles Town I was taken before the persons in power there who informed me that I must take an Oath to the State or that my property would be confiscated being in their Custody and power and reflecting on the distressed Situation I had left my Father and his Family in England. The Inevitable ruin and distress my refusal would bring upon my Wife and Children that it was not in my power to do any Service to Government in my present Circumstances I submitted to the restraint laid upon me and continued to reside on my Plantn in the Country until an Opportunity Offered me to Join His Majesty's Forces and there I did not in any one instance Act either in a Civil or Military


Line against His Majesty's Government and for my Loyalty and Services beg leave to refer to the Certificates produced and in Testimony of the foregoing Narrative so far as Comes within their Knowledge and Belief as well as to my Character to refer you to Mr Knox Mr Savage who was one of His Majesty's Assistant Judges of Carolina and James Simpson Esqr attorney General" -
In addition to this account Mr Wright says that in 1779 when Genl Provost marched into Cara he joined him and went with him into Georgia on his March back. This was the first good Opportunity he had in joining the British. Says notwithstanding his having aukwardly submitted to the Americans it was very well known he was friendly to the British. From Georgia he accompanied Sir Henry Clinton to Charles Town where he remained till the Evacuation having during the Possession of the British been appointed Intendant of the Police.

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