ON Thursday the 8th of June next, will be exposed to sale, at Dorchester, on the usual terms, 4 valuable slaves, two of them (Prince and Carolina) shoe-makers, one (Simon) a good tanner and currier, the other a good house-wench, with some household goods, and all the lands belonging to the Estate of Edward Vanvelson, deceased, by George Somers, Wm. Carwithen. N.B. All who don't settle their book accompts by that time, may blame themselves for the consequences of their neglect. . 3, col. 2:\par \par On the 24th Day of May next, will be Exposed to Sale, at Dorchester, at the Dwelling house of Edward Vanvelson deceased, all the real and personal Estate of the said Deceased, consisting of Field Slaves, House Wenches, several good shoe-makers and Tanners, with a Tan-yard, a parcel of Bark, Oyl, and a large Quantity of Hides not yet fit to take out, 83 Acres of Land near Dorchester, well wooded and part under good fence, three Lots in that Town, each containing a Quarter of an Acre, some Household Goods, Cattle and Horses: For Credit 'till the first Day of January next (except Sums under 20 l. which must be paid on the Spot) paying Interest and giving approved Security to Catherine Vanvelson, Executrix.

George Sommers,}


William Carwithen}

N.B. All Persons to whom the said Estate is indebted, are desired to bring iin their Accompts properly attested, and those indebted to it, to discharge the same by the Day of Sales at farthest, that Measures may be taken to Satisfy the Creditors.

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