TO BE SOLD at public vendue, agreeable to the will of John Joor, Esq; deceased, on Tuesday the first day of December, at his plantation near Dorchester,
THE said PLANTATION, containing 320 acres of land, more or less, exceeding good for corn or indico, pleasantly situated, having a full view of the town of Dorchester, has on it a very convenient dwelling-house, kitchen, wash-house, milk-house, store-house, and stable, all in good repair, with every other necessary out building.
A plantation on the Cypress, joining lans of William Sanders, about 31 miles from Charles-Town, containing 600 acres, old measure, one half of which is swamp, with two branches running through it, on which reserves of water may be kept; the high land is good for corn or indico, and has on it an overseer's house, barn and other necessary out buildings ; also a set of good indico vats.
A tract of pine land, about three and an half miles from Dorchester, containing 611 acres.
A tract on the Altamaha, containing 1000 acres, near lands of Colonel Henry Laurens, about two miles from Turtle-river, is esteemed by good judges to be a very valuable tract of land.
One hundred and thirteen acres of hard marsh land, adjoining lands of Whitmarsh Fuller, deceased, and on the ferry causeway.
One lot in the town of Dorchester, on which is a good dwelling-house and kitchen; also on the said lot are two rice stores, with four apartments in each, to be sold separate.
One lot of 45 acres of pine land, about four miles from Dorchester, joining lands of Mr. Samuel Wainwright.
Also in Dorchester, one tow acre lot, joining lands of Hugh Dowse, deceased.
One tract of 600 acres of land on Pogotalligo swamp, adjoining lands of Rawlins Lowdnes, Esq; and Mr. James Smith; upwards of 200 acres is good swamp, and a quantity of high land for provision.
One the same day and place will be sold,
THIRTY-NINE valuable NEGROES, only three children, amongst which are a good driver, who understands the sawing business extremely well, a cooper, sawyers, washers, ironers, and cooks.
Also 24 head of working oxen, and about 40 head of other cattle, a few riding horses, and mares, 11 head of sheep, and a few hogs, 500 bushels of corn, a small quantity of pease, and corn blades, a good waggon, chains, and yokes, and plantation tools; also a great quantity of household furniture, liquors, &c, and an exceeding good PEW, in St. George's Church, Dorchester, situated in the north ile.
The conditions of the sale are, all sums under Two Hundred Pounds, to be cash; and all above, credit will be allowed for twelve months, paying interest, and giving security; the property not to be altered till the conditions are complied with.
Any person inclinable to purchase any of the above lands before the day of sale, may treat with the subscriber at Dorchester.
JOHN JOOR, Executor.
N.B. All persons indebted to the said estate, are desired to make immediate payment; and all persons to whom the said estate is indebted, are desired to send in their accounts properly attested.

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