Yours I received concerning the Burning of the Shells. I cannot pretend to undertake it till I have done with my Indico. I am also Employed in getting some Timber for the Bastions in Town, after I have got the Timber I could employ a few hands to begin the Burning a few Shells till my Crop is done with. as to the Price I have always had one Shilling per Bushel for Burning the [Best?] Mixture which I believe no Person will do it for less. If the Public has any of the [Mud Flatts?] that could be spared to carry the Wood to the Place I would Burn them on the Spott and save the Carting. As to the best place to [Land?] the Shells they may be [Landed?] within ten yards of the Spott, which when the Boat comes up [Let?] the Patron come to me and I will direct where to put them, You must have Boats that can strike their Masts as they must go under the Bridge.

I am Sir

Your most humble Servt

John Joor

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