Mr. John Joor attended the Board & Proposed to undertake the Conducting of the whole Work of the Magazine to be Built in Dorchester with the Wall for Inclosing & Strengthening the same. The Commissioners Agreed to employ Mr. Joor to Conduct the said Works. And they directed him to hire so many Overseers & Labourers and to Purchase such Quantitys of Tools and Materials as may be necessary to be employed therein, also to hire a House or Store to Lodge the said Tools Materials & Labourers, and to employ a Carpenter for makeing the Center, Doors etc. And the Commissioners require that Mr. Joor do keep an Account of all his Proceedings also of the Labourers, Overseers, Materials etc. and to draw on this Board for Payment of the same And to do every other matter & thing necessary to be done in Conducting the said Works for which Services the Commissioners Agreed to Pay him Forty Pounds currency per month to commence the day he begins to work. And as it will be necessary that some Person should Correspond with Mr. Joor concerning the said Works The Commissioners desired Mr. Hume to do the same.

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