Lesson Plan: Parliament Acts and Colonial Responses Wake Up King George!

Legislation   Date Provisions Colonial Reaction
  • Sugar Act   April 5, 1764   Revised duties on sugar, coffee, tea, wine, other imports; expanded jurisdiction of vice-admiralty courts   Several assemblies protest taxation for revenue.
  • Stamp Act   March 22, 1765;
    Repealed March 18, 1766
      Printed documents (deeds, newspapers, marriage licenses, etc.) issued only on special stamped paper purchased from stamp distributors   Riots in cities; collectors forced to resign; Stamp Act Congress (October 1765)
  • Quartering Act   May 1765   Colonists must supply British troops with housing, other items (candles, firewood, etc.)   Protest in assemblies; New York Assembly punished for failure to comply, 1767
  • Declaratory Act   March 18, 1766   Parliament declares its sovereignty over the colonies “in all cases whatsoever”   Ignored in celebration over repeal of the Stamp Act
  • Townshend
    Revenue Acts
    June 26, 29, July 2, 1767; all repealed; except duty on tea, March 1770 New duties on glass, lead, paper, paints, tea; customs collections tightened in America Non-importation of British goods; assemblies protest; newspapers attack British policy
  • Tea Act   May 10, 1773   Parliament gives East India Company right to sell tea directly to Americans; some duties on tea reduced   Protests against favoritism shown to monopolistic company; tea destroyed in Boston (December 16, 1773)
  • Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) March-June 1774 Closes port of Boston; restructures Massachusetts government; restricts town meetings; troops quartered in Boston; British officials accused of crimes sent to England or Canada for trial Boycott of British goods; First Continental Congress convenes (September 1774)
  • Prohibitory Act   December 22, 1775   Declares British intention to coerce Americans into submission; embargo on American goods; American ships seized   Drives Continental Congress closer to decision for independence
    Parliament Acts and Colonial Responses is adapted from Divine, Robert A., T.H. Breen, George M. Fredrickson, and R. Hal Williams. The American Story. New York: Longman, 2002, 161.
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