Some Rum For Your Men

“Charlestown, June 29th, 9 o’clock

Dear Col.,

I should have thanked you and your brave garrison this morning, vis-à-vis at the fort…but am prevented by a great deal of business. I do most heartily thank you all and shall do you justice in my letters to congress. I have applied for some rum for your men. They deserve every comfort that can be afforded them. We have sent for more powder, inform me of all your wants.
I am, dear Col. yours,
Charles Lee

P.S. The General desires that Col. Thompson
will send as soon as he can, a return of all occurrences in his part of the Island. J,N, Sec’ry.
To Col. Moultrie.”

--William Moultrie, 1802,
Memoirs of the American Revolution, 168