Teacher Lesson Ideas

World War II

Help students to understand America, and especially South Carolina, during World War II. Create a timeline of key figures and their roles in the war. Look at “Propaganda Posters” and see how the war was advertised and what individuals were suppose to do to help the war effort. Check local or state newspapers for articles related to South Carolina’s contributions to the war. Contact a World War II veteran, or another community resident who lived through the war, and ask about working with your class on an oral history project to record the memories of the period. Find a Master Storyteller, or even a recording, and have a radio broadcast from the era performed for your class. Show students that large topics in history have roots in local stories.

Allison K. Harding
Welcome Elementary School, SC
2002 Upstate Institute

Kelly Mims
Paris Elementary School, SC
2002 Upstate Institute

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