Teacher Lesson Ideas

World War I

Since World War I is a broad topic that could be handled in the classroom in a variety of way these are some brief, but basic elements that might add to your lessons. A timeline may help your students understand how the war unfolded. You can approach the timeline by events or by people involved with the war. Locate the name of a local soldier who fought in the war and try to trace his involvement. Also you may wish to use historical fiction such as Lord of the Nutcracker Men by Iain Lawrence and Casey Over There by Staton Rabin and Greg Shed to discuss the era.

Allison K. Hardin
Welcome Elementary School, SC
2002 Upstate Institute

Jean Kablick
Whitesides Elementary School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

Margaret Wehman
Newington Elementary School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

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