Teacher Lesson Ideas

The Lesser of Two Evils

Urban and rural slavery in South Carolina are compared in The Lesser of Two Evils. The Aiken- Rhett house serves as an example of an urban plantation; Drayton Hall represents rural plantation life. Before the lesson students will write which situation they think would have been better and why. During this lesson, students will compare and contrast various aspects of slave life, such as working conditions, living quarters, clothing, food, personal freedom, chores, and so forth through exploring their text book and a teacher led PowerPoint presentation. The class will then have a discussion about what they learned. Students will see that the life was difficult for slaves in either setting - urban, or rural - because of the unique set of challenges for each and because both groups were denied the basic human rights we often take for granted.

Sherri Berry
Alston Middle School, SC
2003 Lowcountry Institute

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