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Reconstruction or Destruction: The Santee Cooper Project in Berkeley County

Fourth grade students will begin this lesson by reading the “History of the Santee Cooper” from the project’s Web site.  After viewing videos from SCETV on the Santee Cooper Project, the students will write in their journals about the project.  They then will gather their own primary sources for Berkeley County before 1935, when the rivers were dammed, to recreate a public meeting from the 1930s debating the impact of the Santee Cooper Project and to enact a public meeting as if the project were being debated today.  The class as a whole will discuss the results of these meetings and create a T-Chart.  Finally, the students will take a field trip to the Jefferies Hydro-Electric Plant and the Steam Plant at the Santee Cooper dams.

Barbara Massalon
Whitesville Elementary, SC
2004 Lowcountry Institute

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