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Reconstruction is a large topic that lends itself to being discussed as both a national and local issue. Start by creating a timeline of both national and local events that mark the period of reconstruction. Examine the practice of sharecropping and identify local land used during the post war period. One particular idea is to have your students study the childhood of President Woodrow Wilson as a biography of a South Carolinian experiencing Reconstruction. His boyhood home in Columbia makes a terrific field trip and by incorporating primary sources students can get a feel for what was going on in the younger Wilson’s life and the city itself. If you do not live near Columbia, find a local person or site that you could work into your lesson in the same way.

Don T. Simmons
Claude A. Taylor Elementary School, SC
2002 Midlands Institute

Margaret Wehman
Newington Elementary School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

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