Teacher Lesson Ideas

Perusing Presidents

This 5th grade lesson gives students an overview about the office of President of the United States.  The essential question for this lesson is “What separates our Presidents form the average population?”  Students view a PowerPoint to learn about the requirements involved in becoming president.  Students also learn about South Carolina’s role over time in helping to elect presidents.  This lesson shows that the Palmetto State did not always vote for the president that was actually elected.  Rather, there had been many times over the years where South Carolina favored another candidate.  In addition, students learned basic qualities of each of the presidents by analyzing paintings of the 43 presidents found in the Strom Thurmond institute at Clemson University.  These paintings by Graem Yates offer one artist’s view of the presidents.

Carol Uhl
Buena Vista Elementary School, SC
2004 Upstate Institute

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