Teacher Lesson Ideas

Impact of the Civil War

The concept of freedom to a fourth grader is to be totally free and have everything you ever wanted. That same concept was also the dream of most slaves. As the students read and heard some of the narratives of slaves, they realized that it was very hard for the slaves after they obtained their "freedom." The thought of some of the slaves returning to the plantation where they vowed never to return was a hard concept, especially knowing they would be paid very little. Some of the fourth graders had a hard time understanding that it was just as bad for slaves, if not worse, after they gained freedom. They did understand that it was still a dangerous place for slaves and that although they had laws in place, there was little protection for them. By writing a human interest article, the students were able to relay some of the feelings that the former slaves had.

Sabrina Christianson
Drayton Hall Elementary
2005 Lowcountry Institute

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