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Some of the suggested activities for covering this topic include working with the PBS interactive web site and contacting Ellis Island for their teacher packets. To study immigration students can research their own family histories. Students can also talk about the items they would bring if they were setting sail for a new land. After considering the Ellis Island experience of many immigrants, students can imagine what it would have been like to be questioned before being admitted to the country. Use photographs to discuss the development of cities and immigrant communities. Discuss child labor. Contact the Charleston Museum about the "People in Passage" program. Also, if possible, take your students to Citizenship Day at the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site. The students will watch people become citizens of the United States and see how immigration continues to impact America today!

Robin Boehler
Knightsville Elementary School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

Trish DuBrule
The Oaks Christian School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

Lisa Harrell
Flowertown Elementary School, SC
2002 Lowcountry Institute

Lynne Murrell
Bethel Elementary School, SC
2002 Upstate Institute

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