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Christopher Gadsden: Charles Town’s Own “Sam Adams”

In Christopher Gadsden: Charles Town’s Own “Sam Adams” a series of four lessons explore who Christopher Gadsden was and his contributions to history.  Using wills and inventories, personal letters and newspaper accounts available at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History and the South Caroliniana Library students see both the private and public side of this patriot’s life.  The Stamp Act crisis serves as an example from political history and links the work of an individual South Carolinian to the national scene.  Background information is introduced through lectures and class discussion and then students participate in a variety of activities including reading a will, writing a letter to King George or drawing a political cartoon to express their opinion on the Stamp Act, creating a timeline, and designing a invitation to a “Repeal of the Stamp Act Party.” 

Tim Hicks
Dent Middle
2003 Midlands Institute

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