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Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

High school students gain a better understanding of how the federalists-anti-federalists argument affected South Carolina in this lesson.  Reading Federalist #10 and The Small Republic for homework before the class activity provides students with a background for the constitutional argument over the power that should be given to the central government.  The class will discuss the arguments made by both sides.  The teacher then hands out copies of the South Carolina Journal of the Convention of May 12, 1788, from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, which records the individual votes of regional representatives for or against the adoption of the Constitution.  Using a map students shade areas that voted as federalists, or for the constitution, red, and those that voted anti-federalist, or against the Constitution, blue.  The class can then discuss what regional characteristics influenced the vote and see that a national argument had statewide significance.

DeAna Smoland
Aiken High School
2004 Midlands Institute

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