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Establishment of the Carolinas: A Proprietary Colony

In this 8th grade lesson about the early colonial period, students work with the Articles of Agreement between the Lords Proprietors from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History to gain an understanding for how South Carolina was established and governed, as well as to get an introduction to using primary sources.  After using the textbook to become familiar with vocabulary words appropriate to the topic, including: land grant, mercantilism, proprietary colony, self-governing colony, and royal colony, the students will have a chance to put their new found knowledge to the test.  In groups, the students will read the Lords Proprietors’ Agreement and try to understand the role of this governing body.  By working with a copy of the original document students also have the opportunity to discuss the differences between public documents from the past and their modern counterparts. 

Jan Hammond
Northside Middle School
2004 Midlands Institute

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