Teacher Lesson Ideas

Attack of the Hunley

Designed for an independent school classroom of seventh to twelfth grade students, this lesson uses diverse activities to teach the story of the Hunley.  The lesson will begin with students creating a map, to the correct scale, of the Charleston Harbor/Breach Inlet area during the Civil War, from primary source accounts of the harbor.  After discussing the plans for the construction of the Hunley, the first successful submarine, students will label the parts of the submarine on blank images of the ship.  Primary source accounts of provisions for the vessel and the effects of weather conditions will lead to a discussion of the circumstances surrounding the building and implementation of the submarine.  Students can complete this lesson by visiting the replica Hunley at the Charleston Museum or the Hunley at the Charleston Navy Base.

Chuck Stjern
Pinewood Preparatory School, SC
2004 Lowcountry Institute

Instructional Resource(s):

H. L. Hunley Museum VR