Lesson Plan: Overview

Summer Extension: History, Artifacts, and Museums

Grade Level: 11th

Academic Standards

Depending on the artifacts used to teach this lesson the content standards will vary, but it can be applied to any time period.  Coordinate with the South Carolina State Museum or a local cultural institution to design an artifact-based lesson that fits the historical period you are teaching.

Social Studies Literacy Elements

A. Distinguish between past, present, and future Time.

E. Explain change and continuity over time.
L. Interpret calendars, time lines, maps, charts, tables, graphs, flow charts, diagrams, photographs, paintings, cartoons, architectural drawings, documents, letters, censuses, and other artifacts.

Historical Background Notes

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Lesson Plans

No lesson plan available.
  1. Students will be assigned a cooperative learning project.  Student groups will be given the task to find an artifact, research it, organize accurate information, and conduct a lesson concerning this artifact.   Groups will be scheduled for specific times during the semester when their work is due. 
  2. Plan a field trip to the State Museum for later in the semester.

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Teacher Reflections

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Student Assessment

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Examples of Students Work

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