Lesson 1: Parliament Acts

Wake Up King George! examines various acts of British Parliament following the French and Indian War. Parliament Acts addresses the acts with added emphasis given to the Stamp Act. Lesson 1: Parliament Acts takes one class period (55 minutes).

  1. Teacher distributes Parliament Acts and Colonial Responses to be used as an advanced organizer. Students individually read the summary table of British Acts and colonial responses.
  2. Teacher gives a brief lecture, which provides context for understanding the Stamp Act, other parliamentary acts, and colonial responses (see Historical Background notes).
  3. Teacher distributes Stamp Act Excerpts, Playing Card Provisos. Teacher and students review the Stamp Act provisos for playing cards and dice, trying to interpret 16th Century British Legalese. After struggling to read the Stamp Act playing card provisos, the class reads the simple language version.
  4. At the end of the class period, the teacher makes the point that the Stamp Act caused great fervor. Sons of Liberty groups in the colonies tarred and feathered stamp distributors; colonial assemblies sent representatives to the Stamp Act Congress. American's rallying cry, "no taxation without representation!" was born out of colonial resistance to the Stamp Act and the other acts following the French and Indian War.

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