Lesson Plan: Overview

Lesson Plan One: History, Artifacts, and Museums

Grade Level: 11th


Academic Standards

Depending on the artifacts used to teach this lesson the content standards will vary, but it can be applied to any time period.  Coordinate with the South Carolina State Museum or a local cultural institution to design an artifact-based lesson that fits the historical period you are teaching.

Social Studies Literacy Elements

A. Distinguish between past, present, and future time.

E. Explain change and continuity over time.
L. Interpret calendars, time lines, maps, charts, tables, graphs, flow charts, diagrams, photographs, paintings, cartoons, architectural drawings, documents, letters, censuses, and other artifacts.

Historical Background Notes

No historical background notes available for this lesson plan.


  Secondary Sources
  What Is History?  Video produced by South Carolina Educational Television, 1990.  (30 minutes in length).
  Overhead or LCD Projector
  Smith, Gloria.  “Student handout / Notes on the Nature of History.”  Swansea High School, Swansea, SC, 13 Jan. 2004.      

Lesson Plans

No lesson plan available.


Lesson One is an introductory lesson to get student familiar with the study of history.  It provides the foundation for the rest of the unit.  This lesson requires one class period of 90 minutes.

1. Assign a composition for homework in which students express their ideas and opinions about what history is.  Instruct the students to think carefully about this topic and state their opinions and insight in good grammatical style.
2. Begin the class with a general discussion about the homework assignment.  Allow students to use their compositions in the discussion.  Take up the compositions for assessment.
3. Introduce What Is History? (SCETV video)  Instruct students to listen carefully for more answers to that question and take notes on the new information.   The video is 30 minutes in length.
4. After students view the video, use an overhead transparency and formal notes to summarize the day’s lesson.   Have students copy the notes during the lecture.  If time is limited, distribute copies of notes.  End the class with a brief review of the day’s lesson.End of content

Teacher Reflections

No teacher reflections available for this lesson plan.

Student Assessment

No student assessment available for this lesson plan.

Examples of Students Work

No examples available for this lesson plan.


Provided by the Teaching American History in South Carolina Project