Charleston Gazette, 7 September 1785


Charleston Gazette

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This is an excerpt from a 1785 Charleston newspaper. In the second column, the current prices for good are listed, according to pounds and sterling. The list includes many items, such as flax, turpentine, rice, beeswax and tobacco from various colonies.


Charleston Evening Gazette. 7 September, 1785. Charleston, South Carolina. Newspapers on microfilm, South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.

Correlating SC Social Studies Academic Standards:

Standard 2.1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of cultural contributions made by people from the various regions of the United States.

2-1.2 Compare the historic traditions, customs, and cultures of various regions in the United States, including how traditions are passed between and among generations.

Standard 2.2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the local community and the way it compares with other communities in the world.

2-2.2 Recognize characteristics of the local region, including its geographic features and natural resources.

2-2.3 Summarize the roles of various workers in the community, including those who hold government jobs there.

2-2.4 Summarize changes that have occurred in the life of the local community over time, including changes in the use of the land and in the way that people earn their living there.

Note: Although this document was originally posted as part of a lesson specifically designed to teach the above standard(s), other Social Studies Standards may apply.

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